About me and my projects

Hey there, my name is Bas van den Boom and I create apps and other kinds of software. At the moment, I work as a software developer at Wecommerce International. I am also a great fan of open-source software, which is why you'll find many of my projects on my Github account. And last but not least, I love playing around with cyber-security related stuff.


A client-side Android application for the Dutch school-management system Magister. It’s based on material design, uses secured SSL connections, and is of course entirely free. Github: click here, Google Play here.


Another app for the Dutch school-management system Magister, but now mainly focused on tools like auto-silent, new grade notification and more. Click here for more info, here for its Github repo and here for Google Play.


A parody of Kamergotchi made by 'Zondag met Lubach', a dutch television show. The original game was about taking care of politicians. In my version, you can take care of the teachers of my school. Google Play

Poisontap port

A port to the Raspberry pi B, B+, 2 and 3 for Poisontap, an awesome penetration-testing tool made by Samy Kamkar. Check it out on Github!

External Backups (Plugin)

External Backups is a Spigot plugin which makes automatic backups just like other backup-plugins, however there is one, big difference: this plugin also uploads your backups to Dropbox or to a web-server. Spigot: click here.

External Backups (Server)

This is the server part of the External Backups plugin. It is coded in PHP. It uses IP-whitelisting and a session-key system to prevent unauthorised uploads. Github: click here.

Get in touch

Do you have a question? Contact me at bas@z3r0byteapps.eu